Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome to the Demonsword Project

The Demonsword Project is an ambitious fantasy project; at its heart is a story spanning the fall and rebirth of two worlds whose fate intertwined--one immersed in technology, one in magic. This history is split into five settings; two in the Time Before (Demonsword First Age), one in the ageless war they fight when the eventually meet (The Terra-Draco Wars), an age of madness and famine for the survivors of the final cataclysm (Demonsword Shattered Worlds), and the world post-rebuilding (Demonsword Fourth Age). Tying all of these settings together are a magical engineering project called the Dragon System, and a high-energy holographic system known as the Pandora Engine.

Perhaps equally ambitious, the Demonsword Project is also a roleplaying game--one still in the alpha stage of development. This journal is a log of the game's development, but also, an ongoing project in documenting the worlds I've created. It's also, I hope, a place to which I can refer people who are interested; the Project suffers in terms of progress from lack of motivation, and lack of cooperation. The finished form I envision is something I can never achieve on my own, especially what with the playtesting and tweaking that will eventually be necessary.

And who knows, maybe the game will fail. But the world lives on in me, and in the stories I hope to tell, and it will live on until I die. I will keep looking towards the future, so bear with me, and if you like what you see, maybe you can come along for the ride.

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